1- Spruce up the walls
Nowadays its easy to give a little more punch to your walls with removable wallpapers. These comes with trendy patterns and graphics that will make your room stylish and even highlight your personality, without hiring an interior designer. They are easy to install and remove it later if you change your mind.
Molding details is another easy way to transform your room. Some ways to use them are for protecting walls, hide imperfections, frame fireplaces, highlight beds, separate environments, and above all, it gives a touch of elegance to the space.

2- Embrace natural light as a design element
When natural light enters your home you should embrace it! It not only helps you to save on electricity, but is also brings nature to your space.
The key factor in bringing natural light is a window. Take advantage of the opportunities your windows provide you with, whether it’s a gorgeous view or a generous amount of light.
Its easy to take in natural light during summer, with longer days and shorter nights. Also it brings in a bright and uplifting vibe that no light bulb can!
Some ways to increase natural light:
Paint your eaves white
Use lighter, brighter interior wall and ceiling paints
Turn your walls into mirrors with higher gloss paint
Replace wall space with glass blocks
Install skylights in your ceiling

3- Let nature be your guide
Incorporate at your home natural materials into your decor; such as wood, cotton, leather and seagrass to name a few. Nowadays, there’s many people chaining their lifestyle for a green living, so there has been more interest in finding products that have been recycled and used in new ways.
Choosing materials that connect with your personal style is the first step for bringing them into your home.

4- Go green and breathe deep
The only greenery ww used to see on people’s homes were artificial and usually covered with a layer of dust! These days nature is way more into interiors by adding potted plants, flowers and herb gardens. Its a great way to bring your outdoors in! These is an easy way to improve your mood and provides beautiful focal points.
Some plants for your interior might be:
Peace Lily
Rubber Tree
Monstera Deliciosa

5- Neutrals never gets old
Trendy colours sometimes bores you, and not always combines with every room.
Neutral colours are flexible, classic and are always in style, and they are ideal to create a room restful and relaxing.
Some of these colors would help you to gain fresh perspective on your home:
Gray Cashmere (Benjamin Moore)
Swiss Coffee (Dunn Edwards)
Pale Oak (Benjamin Moore)
Cloud White (Benjamin Moore)
These three palettes combines perfectly together:
Crisp White and Warm gray
Natural Tan and Warm White
Navy and white