from my garden

Put the flowers in every room

You will never go wrong decorating with flowers

put the flowers all over your space

You might be planning to spruce up your apartment or house by renewing old sofas, armchairs, tables and chairs or whatever your critical eye happens to descend on. But before you dash out to the nearest stores it might be a good idea to consider copying the beautiful, fragrant and colorful alternative of nature’s way to embellish our planet – namely plants and flowers, if possible in pots! Although this method is not always the cheapest way to decorate our homes, the pleasure one feels when walking into a room enhanced with blooming, sweet smelling and colorful flowers is unmatchable. But green plants like pothos, rubber plants, philodendron, etc. are also well up on the list of desirables for home decoration. They appreciate listening to soft, relaxing music and I swear they understand every word I say!!

I’m sharing an image of bougainvillea I recently placed around the house.

Give decorating with house plants a try – you will be well rewarded!!