Every season offers an excuse to refresh your home and re decor to make the space feel right for the different temperatures. For Fall, by adding colors and textures would make your entire home feel cozy and welcoming.

Seasonal Plants
Hanging seasonal plants in your porch will definitely bring life to any room. There are many houseplants I can name to m are your home feel cozy and welcoming:
Spider plant
English Ivy
Prayer Plant
Bird’s Nest Fern

Make centrepieces
There are different ways for you to make centrepieces.
You can try by buying small pumpkins and paint them with neutral colours to create a lovely effect down the center of the table, you can also add a floral touch.
Neutral also looks elegant, you can include whitewashed pumpkins and dried gourds to create a sophisticated centrepiece.
Glass vessels and candleholders are also a good idea to make your centrepiece stunning. If you don’t have vessels you can pair a vintage trophy with flowers like rose hips and dahlias, to keep the Fall Spirit.

Moody colors
You can add fall inspired colors, like orange, red , yellow, gold, green and brown. This colors are very autumn/winter interior trends.
The “Early Colors” are the type of palette that makes you think about starring a fireplace with a cup of coffee and a plaid blanket. Making your interior cozy over the colder periods changes you in a good mood. Also “Tartan” patterns screams Autumn, the textural designs make the perfect trend for the cold seasons.

Add Plaid
The perfect fall patterns exists, and of course its Plaid, is a cold-weather classic. Wether we use it on a pillow, blanket, rug or lampshade, plaid accents make your space feel warm.