When it comes to closing a sale, there are several deal breakers that buyers always share with their agents. Mold, insects and pests, and animal odors are common reasons for doubting to put an offer on your home. Whether you are selling or simply looking for ways to freshen up your home here are 5 tips for eliminating pet odors and making your home look more attractive for buyers.

1. Give your pets regular baths with a odor controlling shampoo.

This seems like a no brain-er but you wouldn’t believe how many people I know that don’t bathe their pets regularly. I recommend using an odor control shampoo. I like the ones with ingredients such as oatmeal, lavender and pine needle. Adding a few drops of sage oil really helps to neutralize all the odors.

2. Buy an essential oil diffuser.

Essential oils work great for removing unpleasant odors from homes. They range in price from $20.00 – $80.00 and they use heat, fans or atomizers to spread the essential oil molecules into the air. There are a wide range variety of different herbs and flower essential oils. Find the one that you like best and enjoy the relaxation that comes from aromatherapy as well. It’s a win win!

3. Clean carpet with Baking Soda.

Baking soda is an age old secret for neutralizing odor in all fabrics and works perfectly on carpets. Its also safe for your pets! You just sprinkle baking soda on either large areas or you can do spot treatments for accidents. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and then vacuum the whole area. Baking soda is always great for removing stains.

4. Throw out old toys.

After you give your pets a bath, get your diffuser going and vacuum your carpet your home should already be smelling pretty good. You may still have some lingering smells and its probably coming from your pets toys. Wash any toys that can get wet and throw out those toys that have been through hell and back. Use the opportunity to spoil your pet with brand new toys!

5. Consider wood furniture and floors.

If you feel like you’ve done everything you can to try to   clean up after your pet – groom them weekly and clean their favorite areas frequently – then you may want to consider getting rid of carpet and fabric surfaces. It is much easier to clean up pet hair with wood flooring. With carpet it would be necessary to get your carpet cleaned professionally in order to provide the same effect. Consider not only getting rid of pet odors but also adding value to your home as your last option.

Good luck & let us know what other tips you use to get rid of your pet odors!!!