One of my favorite parts about living in Miami is the gorgeous views from my balcony. I love looking at the downtown lights and the ocean. We’d all like to spend more time enjoying fresh air and take advantage of Miami’s gorgeous views. Adding some nice furniture and blinds to your balcony will make your seldomly used balcony into a cozy little getaway.

Here are some of my favorite outdoor decor:

Outdoor Blinds – A lot of the time, we tend to neglect our balcony’s because of how hot it gets here in the city. The sun feels like its piercing through our windows. Outdoor blinds are a great innovation to help bring some adjustable shade to your outdoor space. These blinds can range from $25-$75, but I would highly suggest making this an investment for your home. You want to make sure you are getting quality blinds that will last you a few years of Miami sun, rain and wind.


Outdoor Seating – To make the most out of your small outdoor space you need furniture that is versatile and comfortable. I always tell my clients to buy outdoor love seats because it can be used for outdoor entertaining or for a late afternoon nap. A good outdoor love seat will cost you around $300.


Plants – I absolutely love plants for indoor and outdoor spaces. They provide you with fresh oxygen and they really bring so much life into your home. You want to make sure that when you are purchasing  an outdoor plant that it will live through 6 or more hours of straight sunlight. That’s usually how much sun exposure we get from our balcony depending on what direction your view is facing. There are a variety of plants that look beautiful and repel mosquitos which in humid south Florida is a chemical free way of keeping your loved ones safe. You can hang them, put them on a little table or just place them in a corner.

11 plants that repel mosquitos


Synthetic Grass Rug – Not everyone is a favorite of the synthetic grass look, but I love spaces that incorporate some sort of grass rug. It makes your small balcony into a little backyard. You can do yoga, relax with your kids, read a book. Everything becomes more enjoyable when there’s green grass under your feet, real or not. You can purchase one for a small area for about $20. It’s an affordable and easy way to make your balcony feel more cozy, especially since most of our balcony’s in Miami have concrete floors.


I hope that these tips can help you maximize the time you spend outdoors with your loved ones and allows you to take advantage of every inch of your balcony!