Hurricane season is quickly approaching us and while Miamians experience great weather most of the time, being prepared for severe storms and hurricanes can bring you peace of mind once June 1st hits. We are confident that with these tips and doing a little more homework you will be protected and ready for whatever mother nature throws at us this summer.

  • Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance can protect you from many different calamities, however, most policies don’t include protection from all natural disasters. The first thing you should do is look over your existing policy to assess which events are covered and which are excluded.  Then you can determine which specific natural disasters you are at higher risk of encountering. Timing is important for this step since most policies have a 30 day wait period before you are fully protected.

  • Take care of danger zones in your home such as windows and garage doors.

At GetMiami we are always taking preventative measures to secure our clients homes and protect their investments and families. That is why we install and highly recommend impact resistant windows to prevent structural damage to your home. Other perks of these windows is extra security from intruders, preventing cool or warm air from escaping and in some instances you can get a discount on your homeowners policy. Other weak areas of your home are garage doors. Retrofitting your existent door, or getting a high-quality storm resistant door can help protect you from strong winds with extra support from the inside.

  • Don’t skimp on quality shutters

Choosing shutters that are the correct size for your home is crucial as shutters that are too small or too large don’t work as protection from bad weather and high winds. Always seek the help of a professional to help you purchase the correct size. As for material, nothing beats real authentic wood when it comes to protection, however, wood is definitely the option that has the most wear and tear. Another good option is composite shutters. They offer the best combination of authenticity and durability. Composite materials vary between companies, but they’re often a combination of engineered wood , PVC and fiberglass with a factory-applied finish.

  • Keep important documents safe from water damage.

Make sure that before any storm, you keep important documents such as the deed to your house, proof of insurance, medical records, passports, social security cards and a list of emergency contacts in safe waterproof bags or containers.

For more questions about how we storm proof our listings, expert tips and help feel free to contact GetMiami!